The Joshua Carlson P.A. Legal Team

Technology Law - Data Privacy - Data Security - Lawful Compliance

Mr. Carlson (PCI-ISA, CISSP, CIPP/G) knows data privacy law, data security and lawful compliance; he brings over 15 years experience and excellence into the area of data security & data privacy matters to you.  


Mr. Carlson helps in identifying the reasonably necessary compliance programs needed based on a company's industry and risk posture; he tailors his efforts to each company's unique position as it relates to the legal, governmental and contractual obligations they may have.


HIPAA/PCI - Mr. Carlson has extensive experience managing and performing risk assessments, risk analysis, audits, readiness audits, breach review, breach response for HIPAA compliant covered entities, BAs, subcontractors, vendors, PCI and other entities that may be HIPAA impacted and have PCI compliance issues.


GDPR - Mr. Carlson works with large global companies on their GDPR compliance posture, from program and policy development, to wirting and conducting DPIA, to risk remeditation reports to creating proper proper privacy by design (default) and security by design (default) programs.


Mr. Carlson advises executives on what laws apply to them, how to comply, and equally importantly, how to operationalize privacy and security compliance into your organization, i.e., how does it get from legal and built into the organizations practices.



Mr. Carlson Serves on Minnesota's 4th District Judicial Ethics Committee

Mr. Carlson is Co-chair of the Minnesota State Bar Computer Technology Law Privacy Committee

Mr. Carlson is Vice-chair of the Minnesota State Bar Computer Technology Law Section

Mr. Carlson became a certified sailing captain while sailing in the British Virgin Islands


Executive Leadership / Corporate Outside Counsel

Mr. Carlson advises executive leadership on risk mitigation strategies and privacy compliance designs to avoid governmental and consumer complaints in the area of privacy and security.

Joshua W. Carlson, Esq. CISSP, CIPP/G, PCI-ISA 

Legal Fields of Interest / Memberships / Volunteer Areas:

  • Member - Minnesota State Bar Association & Hennepin County Bar Association
  • Member - Computer Technology Law Section (CTLS) - State Bar Association
  • Member - American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA)
  • Treasurer - Computer Technology Law Section of Minnesota State Bar Association
  • Co-Chair - Data Privacy & Data Security Committee - Minnesota State Bar CTLS
  • Member - 4th District Ethics Committee
  • Member - IAPP
  • Qualified Neutral Under Rule 114 of The Minnesota General Rules of Practice
  • Data Security Law & Compliance
  • Privacy Law & Compliance
  • Consumer Law & Class Action


Professional development and training:

  • Certified - CISSP - Computer Information Systems Security Professional
  • Certified - CIPP /G - Computer Information Privacy Professional focused on governmental compliance
  • PCI-Internal Security Assessor (PCI-ISA)
  • Ethics Board Investigator
  • Certified - Data Forensics
  •  William Mitchell College of Law - J.D.
  • Elected Member of Board of Student Governors
  • Bachelor of Science - University of Minnesota
    • Carlson School of Management
    • Management Information Systems (MIS)
    • Honors Program