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Data Security, Privacy & Compliance Law


Mr. Carlson is the past Chair of the Minnesota Computer and Technology Law Bar Section, and, Co-Chair of the Privacy and Data Security subcommitte for the MSBA.  Mr. Carlson has spoke nationally and locally on data privacy, data security topics such as GDPR, HIPAA, cybersecurity and the what is necessary to have a proper and compliant program in place.


Mr. Carlson has over 15 years direct experience working in data privacy and data security related matters, including litigation, compliance and has worked with dozens of multi-national (local and global) companies and their data protection compliance programs, including state government, county government, and federal government.


He has attained the highly regarded credentials of Certified Information Systems  Security Professional (CISSP), and, Certified Information Privacy Professional with a focus on governmental compliance.(CIPP/G) as well as PCI-ISA.  CIPP/E January of 2018.


Mr. Carlson advises companies large and small, global and local, in all aspects of privacy program development and security program development.  You cannot have one program without the other and technical and legal skills in both security and privacy are what Mr. Carlson brings to the table.  Both security and privayc knowledge are necesary to have a complete data protection program.  Mr. Carlson has worked with fortune 50 clients as well as small startups, retailers, medical device firms, state, county and federal government agencies. 


Mr. Carlson knows audits related to GDPR reasiness, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, Breach Response, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, NIST and others.   He has been on the ground for FISMA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SOC, Federal Security review audits and has performed and written Risk Assessments, System Test and Evaluation Plans (ST&E), audited for FISMA compliance as it relates to 800-53A (and others) and completed and prepared letters related to the above.


Technologies impact on business has been tremendous, and with that, the governmental and private regulation has been nothing less then revolutionary and sometimes unclear, and with that comes significant and important work to embrace and utilize new technology, but in an appropriate and compliant fashion. This area keeps Mr. Carlson particularly busy.


He also advises companies, and consumers, in the areas of data privacy and data security so the consumers can help deter identify theft and companies can avoid problems with compliance and consumer actions for breach and other unintended disclosures.






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